• Little Saigon

    Little Saigon and Tendernob

    Little Saigon and the Tendernob are two Tenderloin neighborhoods that are home to large immigrant populations and some of the best food in the city. Join us as we take you on the only food tour of this district and explore the flavors of Asia, the Middle East, and beyond!
  • The Mission

    The Mission District

    San Francisco's 1st neighborhood, The Mission District is still the heart & soul of this vibrant city. This area is so rich in culture, that we have 4 Mission food tours & 2 neighborhood walks.
  • North Beach

    North Beach

    North Beach is that rare thing -- a neighborhood that manages to be a perennial hit with tourists, and also to remain beloved by San Franciscans. It's San Francisco's Little Italy and the home of the beatniks.
  • Scenic Running

    Scenic Running

    Just a short run from the urban landscape of San Francisco's busy city streets you will find numerous trails and parks offering phenomenal views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the City Skyline and other gems.
  • Chinatown


    Established in the 1840s, San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia. Our food and walking tours are 2nd to none.
  • Parrots!


    Wild Parrots in San Francisco? Yes there are officially at least two flocks of wild Parrots here. These Parrots have evolved into a brand new species of parrot indigenous to San Francisco.

SOMA- Folsom District Blogs


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This Sunday, come Explore San Francisco and create some wonderful Mother’s Day memories to last a long time.

Take Mom out for a food tour and a cruise on the Bay for only $64!
Choose any of these food tours:

  • North Beach at Night
  • Mission Vegetarian
  • Little Saigon
  • Mission District South (24th Street)
  • The Real Chinatown

Paired with a Bay Cruise on San Francisco Bay!

To make reservations or for more information, please call:415.504.3636 x 102 or email: reservations@exploresf.bizLimited number of spots available
Golden Gate Bay CruiseOperated by:

Red and White Fleet

Give her the fun day she deserves
While making memories to last a lifetime

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Prague flower shop

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Folsom District Tour

Folsom District Tour


“This tour is not to be missed…”

From South of the Slot, Through Crack Alley, The proposed LGBT Historical Zone, The Pilipino Historical Zone, The Miracle Mile of the 1970’s, The Gay Leathermen’s “Valley of the Kings” The Folsom District, The Folsom Street Fair, and The SF Armory. A one of a kind tour through a time period unlike any other in San Francisco.
This historic tour of the former Folsom District honors and celebrates a neighborhood and lifestyle that was almost eclipsed during the AIDS crisis and subsequent land grab during the 1980’s. We will walk down streets that housed pioneering establishments that once proudly showcased the whims of the San Francisco leather community: bars, clothing stores, bathouses, motorcycle clubs, private men’s clubs, dance clubs, and hotels. There was also a large lesbian community, comedy clubs and many restaurants. Currently, this area is undergoing
an environmental study in an effort to create a Social Heritage Corridor for the LGBT Community.

This was also a neighborhood of everyday working class people. Thousands of blue collar workers and retired people, many of them maritime workers living a modest life in tight knit communities. This was also the home of a large Philipino community and sizable African American community. Jack London was born here, and Jack Kerouac once had a small apartment here. There were mom and pop grocery stores, laundries, diners, lounges, small businesses and apartment buildings. Not the most glamorous neighborhood in the city but it was a safe area with little crime and it was home to perhaps fifty five thousand residents.

But as mentioned, this neighborhood and it’s values were only almost wiped from the map. Almost, but not quite. Many businesses have survived and “The Folsom Street” Fair is one the reasons they did survive. In the spirit of being free to express people’s innate sexuality we will visit the survivors of the South Of Market turf wars and take you on a journey to the delights of the alternative and kink communities. We will tour the neighborhood, walking the “Miracle Mile,” see the landmarks and visit not one but two adult stores. We will eat at historic Wicked Grounds Coffee House.


The Tool Box Miracle


The Toolbox


Panic and ReDevelopment Greed close the bath houses

Hand Full of PRIDE

70’s Gay Day Parade


Folsom Prison

If you have chosen to continue on, we will be traveling one block out of the Folsom into the Mission and although this is not technically the Folsom District, this is the fortress on the hill. This foreboding and unconquerable castle houses one of the largest adult entertainment studios in the world, specializing in entertainment for the kink community, both straight and gay. You will be a special guest of the Armory and her hospitable staff on a guided tour of the facilities, where you will be priveleged to a tour of the studios and production facilities, after hours, of course.

This is a completely unique tour and is for adults only. Thanks to the LGBT Historical Society and Archive for their help with this project.

    1. Details, Recap:
      -Historic walking and culture tour covering a distance of about a mile, no hills.
      -See The Hotel Hugo, sight of the art installation: Defenestration, before it is gone forever
      -Tour the historic Folsom District of the 1970’s, “The Miracle Mile” See the sites of baths, bars, clubs & other GLBT sites.
      -See the location of 2 devastating fires- The 1977 Barracks Bathhouse fire, & The 1981 Hallam Street fire
      -See The proposed LGBTQ Social Heritage Special Use District and SOMA Pilipinas-The proposed Filipino Social Heritage Special Use District
      -Relive 1980’s Breeder Alley, Entertainment Zone.
      -See Ringold Alley, Dore Alley, and The Folsom Street Fair grounds
      -Two adult shopping opportunities
      -Snacks and beverages at Wicked Grounds, included
      -Specified Tours will attend a “Meet and Greet” at Treasure Island Media
      -Choose tickets to see just the Folsom District, or the Folsom with the Armory
      -Tour of The SF Armory, the historic iconic building, the studios, sets and production areas.Tour provided by kink.com.  (Transportation Provided)UPCOMING DATES:

This was a poster from an actual convention. This was not satirical, or commentary. Yes, that is Dianne Feinstein about to blow the whistle for the developers to rush in, start evicting tenants, bury the neighborhood, ignore regulations, and earn a pot of gold from the new shiny South of Market neighborhood. And that is exactly what happened…

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