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<Explore Alcatraz and North Beach>

Alcatraz Mission

Food Tour of North Beach
packaged with an Alcatraz Tour

North Beach is that rare thing -- a neighborhood that manages to be a
perennial hit with tourists, and also to remain beloved by San Franciscans.
It's best known as San Francisco's Little Italy, with its high density of
check-clothed ristorantes, caffes and Old World delicatessens. It's also
a popular pilgrimage for fans of the Beat movement seeking the old haunts
of Kerouac and Ginsberg. However, North Beach is no relic, and it has much
to offer beyond pasta and poetry.

North Beach is a food lover's feast and we are delighted to be your guides
on this wonderful tour of the North Beach Food Scene.  Whether attending
the lunch, afternoon, or evening food tour, you will be delighted with food that
satisfies your palette, warms your heart, and creates fond memories. The focus
here is on Italian cuisine as North Beach is the Little Italy section of San Francisco.

We will also see the neighborhood historic sites and there are many...This is the
haunting grounds of the Beatniks- Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S Burroughs
 lived and hung out here. Janis Joplin worked the extensive network of coffee houses,
 playing acoustic guitar and perfecting her singing style. This is where Barbra Streisand
first performed publicly, and her opening act was Woody Allen, Phyllis Diller and the Smothers
Brothers, Bob Newhart, Flip Wilson, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, each got their starts here.
Marylin Monroe and Joe Dimaggio faked a marriage here.

Before it was called Little Italy this area was known as the Latin Quarter, and we also
visit Spanish, South American, Basque, French, and Mexican eateries. Along the way,
we also point out more fun and interesting spots in the neighborhood. We'll see Coit Tower
 and Telegraph Hill (from below), and if we are lucky, we'll see the famous wild parrots that live
on the hill. Time permitting, a stop will be made in the Barbary Coast for a descent into a secret
tunnel reportedly used by gangsters, rum runners, prostitutes, and politicians.
We will see the neighborhood sights including: St Peter's and Paul's Church, Washington Square, The Condor Club, Purple Onion,
Grant Street, Columbus Ave, St. Francis of Assisi Church amd Shrine, The Broadway Strip, City Lights Bookstore and Vesuvio..

Your Alcatraz destination starting point is at Pier 33, not far from North Beach,
and we will make sure that you get there with time to spare.

Alcatraz and Original JoesBasque Hotel and Coit TowerBroadway and North Beach HotelSodini's and Jail CellMolinari's and NB Sidewalk

Cost: $120
Retail Alcatraz Island ticket price $31 and is included in tour package price.
When:The food tour operates on Thursdays at 6:30 PM , Fridays at 11:00 AM, Saturdays 4:00 PM, Sundays 11:00 AM.

If you take an afternoon or evening food tour, explore Alcatraz in the morning or early afternoon (evening tours).
If you attend the late morning/ lunch North Beach Food Tour, your Alcatraz reservation will be in the afternoon.

  • Thursdays: Alcatraz early afternoon reservation, North Beach Food Tour at 6:30 PM
  • Fridays: North Beach Food Tour at 11:00 AM, with an afternoon departure for Alcatraz
  • Saturdays: Morning trip to Alcatraz, with a North Beach Food Tour at 4:00 PM
  • Sundays: Explore the North Beach food scene @ 11:00 AM, explore Alcatraz in the afternoon

Reservations Line: 415.504.3636  ext 102
Easy meeting location emailed with confirmation
More Information: 415.504.3636
Fax: 415.504.3657
E-mail: info@ExploreSanFrancisco.biz

Please note: Alcatraz tours must be sold as part of a package and cannot be sold separately.
All other Explore San Francisco Tours are sold individually.

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