The Story of Mission Dolores Park

From Ohlone village to Mission lands, from Jewish cemetery to Mission Park and refugee camp, from Dolores Beach and Hipster Central to a $3 million yuppie playground, from Ringling Brothers to a super expensive crowded urban oasis...Here is Dolores Park
ohlonevillage2  Ohlone seasonal village where Dolores Park is. The Ohlone had lived there for thousands of years. They had no concept of linear time, starvation was unknown to them. Traditionally, they only needed to work maybe 15 hours a wek. ohlone indians  Slave laborers in the Mission they were kept against their will, worked not quite to death but worked to exhaustion, they were beaten severely for the most minor of infractions, many died of starvation, but more died of syphillis after being raped by the Spanish soldiers. seasonalvillage ohlone  In just a few generations these peaceful people were almost extinct.
CHS-7810  GOLD RUSH OF 1849 Voila Capture913  SF 1850's Voila Capture2324  Painted from the top of Liberty Hill on 21st or Liberty and Guerrero. The gulch in lower right would be like 18th and Mission. 1850 Mission-Plank-Road-1856  Mission Plank Road, built over submerged subteranean lakes which lie between the Mission Lands and Yerba Buena. Over 80 feet deep at 7th, where the underground Hayes Valley River crossed the roads path on it's way to Mission Bay. 1856
Irishhill-3rdstreetleft1$mission-bay-1863  1863, Mission Bay, Mission Rock, Irish Hill, Potrero Hill, 3rd Street to left. To right is Mission Creek, swamps, tidal marshes. From Rincon Hill? Pothill$mission-bay-1863-lrgr Voila Capture2319 Voila Capture2318
1870-missionpark-lake-oil-painting  1870 painting of what is now Dolores Park. Note the Jewish cemetery and what appears to be a man made pond or perhaps a spring that has been dammed. It does not appear to be erstwhile Dolores Lagoon. Voila Capture2323  Mission Creek near 18th where it turned towards the Willows Resort. Draw Bridge at 16th. mission dolores44 DoloresParkCemetery  Jewish cemetery
Jewishcemetery  Jewish Cemetery 2 MissionDoloresPark1880  Picnic by Cemetery 1880 Pothill$mission-bay-1885  Looking south from Nob Hill, Mission Bay, Irish Hill, Potrero Hill,Islais Creek Swamps the-new-mission-park1  The New Mission Park In 1905 The City purchased the land from the cemetey and promised tthat the land that this would remain a place of great beauty
the-new-mission-park3  While the city reviewed the plans for a new "Mission Park," the Barnum and Bailey Circus leased the land and made improvements for its 1905 tour (which incidentally has given us the landscape we see today). After the circus, the city decided on a plan that would involve a garden, swimming pool, and various sports fields. the-new-mission-park2  The city had great plans for Mission Park and had just spread manure over the whole area. Then the earthquake of 1906 hit and all those plans went to shit as the Park turned into a refugee camp. HBI0030354A  MISSION ELEMTARY SCHOOL ON CHURCH AND 18TH Housing1$jewish-cemetery
Muybridge long-bridge Castro1$lower-castro-and-mission 720px-BVSEVW86 Currier-and-Ives-1878-birds-eye-view-of-SF 5683000
9446979b52a1443124fc3316a77cf166 Jewish-Cemetery-1880 Small-Mission-Bay-Mission-rockview-apx-1880s  Long Bridge and Mission Rock, here it has become a 4 acre dry dock. 1880's Launch-of-Monterey-1891-Union-Iron-Works-A4.28.556  1891 Union Iron Works, Launch of the Monterey
sfstreetsplit01  EARTHQUAKE!!! 20thDolores  The fire engine that, with the help of the people, saved the Mission and the City! Note: The soldiers guarding it ValenciaStHotel1906  The Valencia Hotel collapsed into the marshy wetland upon which it was built. At least 7 people were killed. People rushed to help and spent many hours removing debris by hand to get to trapped victims. OldMissionHighSchool  Mission High School, before the fire
AAC-3246  After the quake, houses sink into the liquified soil and the underground creeks. HereComesTrouble  That is the Haight Ashbury burning in t the distance. Photo taken from Buena Vista, one of many fires now burning throughout the city. These people must have been starting to panic. Most structures are wooden and built close to one another and there is no water...The mains are broken. Voila Capture2320  FIRE FOLLOWED THE EARTHQUAKE firemissionpark  Here people are still watching the fire in the distance, looks like it is at South Van Ness perhaps?
dolorpk  Mission Residents flee the fire and their wooden homes, gathering in Dolores Park. These same people will eventually stop the fire dead in it's tracks at the top of the Park on 20th Street. The fire hydrant was found to be working there and the firefighters who had been up for 3 days fighting the fire asked the citizens for help and several thousand who were in the park, mostly regugees, men, women and children answered the call. They fought the fire with buckets, mops, brooms. towels soaked in water. Those closest to the flames held doors from dynamited houses as heat shields, they would use these makeshift heat shields until the doors would inevitabely burst into flames. They fought the fire all day and all night, by sunrise they had stopped the fire... Voila Capture2322 dolores-park-1906-camp bc10a7fb575eb848a8344a098ca62e79
earthquakeshacks franklin-camp-shacks Screen-shot-2011-08-24-at-10.14.22-AM SF-8
RefugeeFamilyinPark  A refugee family who survived the quake but lost everything in the fire 1906RefugeeCamp2  After the fire, the city hired union carpenters to build earthquake cottage to house the refugees in the city parks. They rented for $2-$6 a month.  A handful of the shacks still survive. Some have been combined with other shacks to make a decent sized home, one like this recently sold $768,000 RefugeeCamp  After the earthquake, about 16,488 San Franciscans moved into 5,600 government-provided housing built in refugee camps across city parks.  According to historians with The Western Neighborhoods Project" the "shacks" were built by Union carpenters for a cost of approximately $100 to $741 each, continued next slide... hb1p3004x8-FID4  Overlooking Dolores Park before the earthquake and fire
dolores-park-1909  Dolores Park 1909 MissionDolores1917  1917-Note the wading pool where playground is now zoom-and-enhance dlrsmap
DoloPark1920s  1920's Fourth-Street-draw-bridge-near-Channel-Street-1927-aad-0683  Mission Creek near 4th St Bridge in 1927 1929  1929 Mothers with Babies at Playground 1940s  Dolores Park 1940s
MissionDoloresPark1960  Dolores Park 1960 1970s  1973 d7924b04c99eb3d2379092d0d6548910 Carnival1980  CARNAVAL 1980
GayBeachDoloPark  Dolores Beach 1990 MissionDoloresPark1994  Dolores Park 1994 dolores park 2  Dolores Park Promenade Voila Capture981  Dolores Street
Mission Dolores Park1 Iraq War Protest  A crowd protesting the Iraq War and other causes  marches down Dolores Street from the Civic Center to Dolores Park, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007 in San Francisco.  (AP Photo/Dino Vournas) Voila Capture915  Dolores Beach GayBeach  Dolores Beach 2007
EasterHunkyJesusContest  Hunky Jesus BC HUNKY 1317  Hunky Jesus Winner 2012 Hunky Jesus  Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence host Hunky Jesus every Easter DoloresSouth  Dolores Park bbqers
dolores park 0608 4-300x225  Hipsters Dolores Park Voila Capture914  Hipsters 2011 MovieNight2006  Movie Night in Dolores Park ZucksinDolores  MARK ZUCKERBERG OF FACEBOOK HANGS OUT IN DOLORES PARK
CommunitySpirit  Annual Friends of Dolores Park Clean Up Day DogsLoveDolores  Dogs love Dolores Park cincodemayo  Cinco De Mayo Celebration Dolores-Park-aerial-from-19th  Carnaval Celebration!
DoloresLoveParade  The Love Parade sf.foodtruck  sf.FoodTruck - A taco truck that has found a home in Dolores Park may soon be on the street, if efforts to codify complaints about commercializing the park move forward Dolores-park-july-08-manhattan 3385  Dolores Park 2008 DoloresStreet  DOLORES STREET PALMS
Print  DOLO PARK POSTER` Voila Capture928  Mission High School across from park DoloParkView  DOLO PARK VIEW BEFORE THE NEW PLAYGROUND dolo-park-playground  The Giant Playground
cops-bothering-people-dolores-park  Tensions in Dolores Park rise after entitled yuppie moms become emboldened after construction of huge playground compound which now sits within the traditional boundary of Dolores Beach MissionWalkingTour 1  20th Street MonsterChurch  MONSTER SIZED CHURCH ON DOLORES STREET, ACROSS FROM PARK timthumb.php  Formerly Golden Gate Park Lutheran Church, until last year a private home, now this will become San Francisco Day School, a middle school
066ace09571eb08fc7333089b49dea1d  New Lookout above gay beach trufleguy  The Truffle Guy DoloresParkBingo2001  DOLO PARK BINGO missionhigh2  Mission High
MissionWoman 10040300 7900345 pm Open Air Urinal  A woman looks at the fencing of an outdoor urinal at a San Francisco MUNI streetcar stop across from Dolores Park in San Francisco on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016. The city's iconic Dolores Park is now home to the city's first open-air urinal, the latest move to combat the destructive scourge of public urination in the City by the Bay. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) 59891-thumb
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bond 85990864  SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 27: Daniela Lopez smiles as she walks under a rainbow held by two men during a gay pride celebration in Dolores Park on June 27, 2015 in San Francisco, California. The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry nationwide without regard to their state's laws. (Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images) dance-party-robot  ROBOT DANCE PARTY Dolores%20Park 04
Dolores%20Park 07 bathroom dolores park 2 dolores-park-bingo-20100618-200105
dolores-park-crowd1000 dolores-park-footbridge-playground dolores-park-movie-night-2 dolores-park-movie-night-back-to-the-future
Dolores Park, San Francisco 2013-04-13 14-48 Dolores Park MAP SF stefan mission-dolores-park IMG 1102
IMG 5991 DSC 0315 thXD8VGGU1 Site-Soccer-Field-As-It-Look-On-2014.11.13-1-PANO  MAJOR PARK RENOVATIONS
thTZNRA84L ppod-at-dolores-mockup Public-urinal2  PUBLIC URINAL CAUSES A STIR open-air-urinal
Dancing Robot copy  DANCE! funny-party-dancing-robot-park-1 propb0430  Dolores Park is seen with downtown San Francisco in the background on Friday, April 29, 2016 in San Francisco, Calif. Prop B would provide $3 million a year for parks from the city's general fund. : MYCAPTURE restroomsdp1-550x338
lovedolores robot-dance-party-in-the-house1 robot-dance-party-pigeons robotdanceparty
be1b5ffd3ff4ffbb79eddfb868437374  Train tracks for J Church Lily-ann-mural-IMG0006 Reminisce-two-horses-on-ply Mission-Bay-bw-looking-north-c-1980s-Santa-Fe-Pacific-RR
5871633991-dykes-bike-umbrella  Dyke March- Dykes on Bikes 920x920  DYKES dykesbikes  Dyke March- Dykes on Bikes dykes on bikes '10
960x595 ba mission dolores park  Gay Beach SistersPerpetualIndulgenceHunkyJesusCompetition  hUNKY jESUS EASTER CELEBRATION 456039029-easter-sunday-dolores-park-san-francisco  WITH THE SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE
hunky-jesus-contest-in-dolores-park625937087  JESUS hunky-jesus-contest-winner  ROMA th10G7U0NC  JESUS th483JYGOD  SISTERS